Darls Centola, LCSW, CATC


Identified problems such as feeling stuck or ineffective in our lives can translate into opportunities for learning and growth. Psychotherapy is a best practice that can get to the root of life's difficulties. For almost 20 years, my role as a psychotherapist is to guide clients toward self-awareness, improved emotional coping and connectedness, and ultimately living happier, more fulfilled lives. If you are looking to gain more pleasure and control in your life or relationship, I can help. I believe that developing a deeper understanding of one's inner world actualizes one's goals in the outer world.Together, we develop concrete strategies to better your life from the inside out.

Wendy Ashley, Psy.D, LCSW


Would you like to improve your relationships with your significant other, family, children or colleagues? Are you exhausted trying to maintain daily activities? Struggling with anxiety, depression, sleep problems, feeling irritable or unhappy? Many of us didn't get the attention, empathy and support we needed in our formative years, which often results in emotional wounds we carry as adults. Perhaps seeking therapy is not your first choice in resolving the problem(s), seems to be an extravagant expense or is culturally incongruent. However, since we are often wounded in our primary family relationships, it is through relationships that we heal.  I utilize a combination of Existential, Internal Family Systems and Self Psychology approaches to help clients heal their wounds and empower them to develop and maintain healthy, happy relationships.

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We have many other practitioners to assist you, including seasoned licensed therapists, skilled interns and body work practitioners to address a variety of therapeutic needs.


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